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Sticky: Status Update

October 14th, 2009 biribiri 69 comments

Opened Projects »

  • Seihoukei “Chicchai ga Ippai!” [FUNDED] (final checks in progress)
  • Murian “Mochi Mochi Hime” [FUNDED] (slowly coming out…)
  • Takanaga Kouhei “Loli☆Can [FUNDED] (finally(?))
  • Takenoko Seijin “Going Otome [FUNDED] (final checks in progress)
  • Quzilax “Loli to Bokurano GO»  (blame Afro)
  • Emua “Innocent Thing [FUNDED]
  • Nendo. “Shoujo Kousai GO» (can’t believe there’s so little people liking it)
  • Asagi Ryuu “Otome Saku” [FUNDED]
  • Saida Kazuaki “Koujo Ryoujoku AHAN GO» (~)
  • Otono Natsu “Joshikousei no Koshitsuki GO» 
  • Ohta Takeshi “Succubus Distortion!” [FUNDED] (new project)
  • Nanase Mizuho “ILIAS – Kyouen no Utage - GO»  (~)
  • EB110SS “Ranbou Shinasai” [FUNDED] (new project)
  • Nanase Mizuho “Aneman GO»  (new project)
  • Dobato “Shoujo to Gang to Aoi Yoru” GO»  (new project)
  • Momoiro Manjiru “Manjiru Torotoro” GO»  (new project)
Titles marked in red are titles that needs support – green ones have donations met for few upcoming chapters. Brown titles are stalled projects (possible drop – read more on Donor Projects page).

Found an error? »

I’m not perfect, so that may be true. You can let me know about that by irc/comment/mail and if it’s something major I may even release v2. I won’t do that for the really old releases though.

IRC channel: drop by and say hello to us.

Current rules for new projects: 3 chapters

Since voting is disabled, remember to leave your comments ;)

Don’t hesitate if you want to be a part of any of the projects.

Doujins/oneshots we’re doing: [Nagare Ippon] short story from Comic AUN 2011/11, [Itou Ei] Henshitsu Fetishism (from magazine scans) and a bunch more!!


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[Hyogetsu] Riko Scoop 2

July 31st, 2014 biribiri 1 comment


A random gender bender on TLR doujin for you. Riko gets blackmailed by one of mob characters from the series.

Courtesy of Mikol.

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[Emua] Innocent Thing Ch.12 [END]

July 29th, 2014 biribiri 7 comments


Death by a ball? She’s gotta have strong legs.


And so, we’re done with yet another tank. It’s so fast, because Flammz figured we’d ask one of his friends for 3rd opinion on it. So, this is version with few fixes, less credits and in pngs. I hope you enjoyed it.

Great thanks to commissioners – Flammz, Job Truniht, Zathael and Zebon20 as well as to Afro Thunda for his proofreading skills and patience and Flammz and CellTF for their quality checks. As usual, thanks for your comments. Links below and on Finished Projects page.

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[Itou Ei] Henshitsu Fetishism Ch.8

July 26th, 2014 biribiri 3 comments


A long overdue share, all the more with my sclerosis lately T_T. I hope you will enjoy this one, somehow. Needless to say, it’s a chapter Itou Ei drew especially for his tank, it wasn’t featured in any magazine (and I’m not surprised).

Chapter courtesy of Zathael.

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[Kimura Neito] Slime Parasite

July 22nd, 2014 biribiri 2 comments


Yet another from the same anthology as Butcha or Fan no Hitori stories from before. I hope you will enjoy.

Courtesy of Darthalice.

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[Chronicle] 1 Kai 500 Yen

July 18th, 2014 biribiri 3 comments


Another doujin from our queue, this time a precure series one. All the girls decided to open a brothel in their base. Also, would you consider any of them loli? I was kinda on edge with Yayoi.

Courtesy of Flammz.

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[Ohsaka Minami] Anekoi Memory (+Anekoi Memory Future)

July 13th, 2014 biribiri 4 comments


Another from oneshots that were on my list. I hope you will enjoy this one.

Courtesy of Flammz.

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[Ohta Takeshi] Succubus Distortion! Ch.6 [Digital]

July 10th, 2014 biribiri 5 comments


First of the oneshots from the book. And first HOLY FUCK EDITS right off the bat T_T Hope you will enjoy.

Courtesy of Khalikryst.

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[Nanase Mizuho] Aneman Ch.2

July 8th, 2014 biribiri 5 comments


Whew, share prepared on the spot – I totally forgot I should share something. I hope you will enjoy the second half of the two-sister harem story from previous chapter.

Courtesy of Zebon20.

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[Emua] Innocent Thing Ch.11

July 4th, 2014 biribiri 6 comments


Almost done with this book. This time, a oneshot about some superhero woman, who, surprisingly, isn’t being terribly raped by a tentacle monster. I hope you will enjoy.

Courtesy of Flammz and Zathael.

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[Taikan Kyohougumi] Nanoha-chan U-Q

July 1st, 2014 biribiri 1 comment


If you’re familiar with the artist, you should know what to expect, if not, I shall tell you – it’s a really borderline loli story featuring Nanoha having sex with guys at the bureau under some naive pretext. It’s not much different from what you’ve seen translated from this circle by others before (sadly 100% less Fate and her black pantyhose :C). I guess it’s a take it or leave it deal.

Also – super delayed release is super delayed.

Commissioned by anonymous.

Scan commissioned from Kalevala by HenAi.

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